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Beds Carpe Diem Beds of Sweden

Sleep is very essential for your whole day. Good sleep will give your body the regeneration and quality of sleep cycles that are needed for your overall feeling of restoration and rest in the morning. Deep sleep revitalizes the body and dream sleep promotes brain activity. A proper bed should relieve pressure so that it does not prevent blood circulation in the circulatory system. This is one of the reasons why bed is a very important element in your life. Our experienced craftsmen know it. They work with great care and every stage of assembly is strictly controlled. Each part of our beds is made of the highest quality materials, cotton, wool, natural latex Talayla-latex. Swedish pine frames

Everything is carefully selected for Carpe Diem Beds so our beds will give you the best days.
For us, the bed is a work of art

All our craftsmen sign on their created beds and we provide a 20-year warranty against breakage of springs and frames. We give a 5-year warranty on the motorized parts of our adjustable beds. But your new Carpe Diem Beds bed will almost certainly continue to bring joy into your life for much longer.

Sleeping in the Carpe Diem Beds will not provide you with another bed.

Our bed models carry the Nordic "Swan" (eco-label). This means that it complies with the environmental impact requirements throughout the entire bedding process. The wood used in our beds does not come from looted forests, only from ecologically approved forestry. All we do is respect for the environment, all the way from the forest to your bedroom. Our Nordic Swan is an eco-label for beds that are consistently of high quality and are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

So you can really sleep with a calm conscience in our luxury Carpe Diem beds, made from natural materials only.

Carpe Diem luxury beds - luxury Swedish beds, made in Sweden only from natural materials. The company was founded in 1995 in Lysekil on the west coast of Sweden. Our beds and accessories are available from dealers in twenty countries around the world. In other words, Carpe Diem beds give many people around the world a good night's sleep.

Carpe Diem Beds of Sweden beds are part of the well-known company HILDING ANDERS from Sweden.