Carpe Diem Beds’ Contour Pocket System is the result of a combination of many years' experience and research, and a relentless passion to bring the bed’s pressure relieving properties to life. Our goal is to deliver a supreme level of comfort that will help ensure you awaken, rested in body and soul, ready to take on the next day of your life with a smile. 

Without compromising on quality or reliability, we have now refined the pocket spring technique in our spring system by focusing on the primary concept of an individual spring system. 

Thanks to this new technique, all subsequent testing has shown that the longevity and durability of Carpe Diem Beds’ Contour Pocket System has increased. 

Usually, upholstery is placed above the spring system. In our patented spring system, we upholster every individual spring. This maintains the effect of each spring against the body, and we are delighted to say that the difference is remarkable.  

Your wellbeing has been the focus of the development of Carpe Diem Beds’ Contour Pocket System and it has been designed to give you the best possible start every morning.  

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